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Laser Rejuvenation
Pixel Laser Resurfacing*
Pixel or often called "dot laser" executes a desired sunburn to the spidermis for 3 days.  It remodels the dermal layer to help build collagen, remove discoloration and helps reduce the look of lines & wrinkles.
Laser Hair Removal*
Cynosure Apogee laser that works on brown or black hair on any part of the body.  Be HAIR FREE!  No more shaving or tweezing.  Gives great results!
Foto Rejuvenation or IPL
The Intense Pulsed Light Technology is effective for treatment of solar  damage spots  or broken capillaries on the hands and arms, face, neck and chest.  Also eliminates  background redness due to Rosacea.
Direct current  with hyfercation to remove red broken  vessels on the face, cherry hemangiomas and spider veins.
*All Laser Treatments Require a
Complimentary Consultation*
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