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Traditional Rejuvenation
Derma Plane
A deep exfoliating facial that removes layers of dead skin cells(the epidermis), vellous hair (peach fuzz), & helps with skin discoloration and scarring. Includes a  light  chemical peel and moisturizing hydration for a soft, vibrant glow! 
Beta Peel
A light 30% salicylic acid peel that helps with discoloration, enlarged pores & congestion with no down time.  Gives radiant results!
VI Peel
Medium to heavy peel that causes the epidermis to peel.  Contains a combination of 4 peeling agents to help with aging, dull skin & uneven pigmentation.  Safe for all skin types.  Skin has a new  texture with great results!
Process uses a gentle vacuum that debreeds the epidermis of dead, dry skin.  Followed by a  light enzyme peel, mask, massage & deep hydration.  Very relaxing!
Hydrafacial MD
Deep cleansing facial with vortex infusion.  Infuses vitamins, minerals & hyaluronic acid into the skin giving it a deep hydrating glow and a  high level of moisturization.  Great for very dry skin.
Ultrasonic Facial
Exfoliates the epidermis with water and ultrasound.  Recommended for sensitive and rosacea prone skin.  Very gentle and invigorates oxygen and blood flow. 
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